Frequently Asked Questions

How does Gasketmax work?

Gasketmax is a web based program that allows a user to choose and cut a gasket of their choice.  It relies on the use of a cutting machine and gasket material, which can be purchased from us.  Gasketmax is an expandable system, which means it can expand as the user expands.

What If I don’t have access to the internet?

We can cut gaskets as well and ship them direct to you.

How do I purchase more prints? (cuts)

Simple.  Just order  more prints through your account.

How do I pay for my subscription?

Paypal is the fastest method, however, we will accept checks or money orders as well and will set you up manually.

I don’t use Paypal.  Is there another way to pay?

See above

Is my purchase secure?

Absolutely. Paypal is the most secure way to pay.

Can I order supplies directly from you?

Absolutely.  Click HERE for ordering information

Can I print (cut) more than one gasket with my order?

Each cut is considered one cut.  For example, 10 gaskets equals 10 cuts.

How the heck do I set this thing up?

You can find information on how to set up your machine, work the software and how best to print on given gasket material HERE

What if I have an error printing a gasket?

In the unlikely event of a program error, we will happily work with you to rectify the situation.  Due to user error, we cannot refund cuts, so plan accordingly.

Do your machines work in my country?

Absolutely.  The machines can run on 110 or 220.  Please inquire for your specific needs.   We have most outlet plugs available.

What about copper gaskets?

Our gasket cutting machines do not currently cut metal gaskets.

What if you don’t have a gasket I am looking for?

We are more than happy to locate and upload a gasket or set of gaskets in our system.

What kind of warranty do the machines have?

Our servo machines have a 3 year warranty from the manufacturer.